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Dear all,
My name is Zohra Atrafi, I am a Bachelor student in Biomedical Sciences at the (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). I am currently searching for a research centre to start my internship at fifth of Februari- 29 June 2018.
I am interested in the field of Molecular Cell biology, but there are limited options at the moment for finding an internship of request.
Thus, I would like to know, which options in other fields are open for starting an experimental internship at the university of Utrecht with topics related to biomedical sciences.

Thanks you in advance,

With kind regards,

Zohra Atrafi ( atrafi93@gmail.com )


My name is Jessica Pot, I am a third year Bachelor student in Biology, at the VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel).
I am currently searching for a research centre to conduct my bachelorthesis next academic year (2017-2018).

I am strongly interested in continuing my studies in neurosciences, but there is very few to no options for neurosciences in Belgium.
Hence my wondering if you take Erasmus exchange students? In my case this would be an erasmus Traineeship, for a bachelorthesis and for a period of one or two semesters.

Normally applications for Erasmus exchange students go via an exchange coördinator (Gustavo Guttierrez Gonzalez –Gustavo.Gutierrez.Gonzalez@vub.ac.be), but this prof is very busy and deadlines for Erasmus applications are approaching quickly, therefor I am emailing U myself.

Thanks in advance,
kind regards,

Jessica Pot (PotJessica@hotmail.com)