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Experimental Psychology


The Experimental Psychology department invites scientists to share their research in the Colloquia. For an overview of the upcoming Colloquia, see the schedule below.

Date Speaker Topic
28-9-17 Henkjan Honing – UvA, Music Cognition Group What makes us musical animals
12-10-17 Jim Maarseveen – UU, PF Investigating the channel based encoding of duration
26-10-17 Marieke Begemann – UU, PF & UMC Exploring pathways to psychosis: Childhood trauma as the invisible backpack
9-11-17 Roy Hessels – UU, PF What is a fixation?
23-11-17 Irene Huenges Wajer & Nico Romeijn – UU, PF Cognitive Functioning after Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (Irene) & Thermoregulation and Vigilance (Nico)
7-12-17 Krista Overvliet – UU, PF Perceptual grouping and shape perception in haptics
21-12-17 Leon Kenemans & Matthijs Vink Inhibition – proactive slowing, proactive inhibition or else?