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Neuropsychology & Cognition meetings

The Neuropsychology & Cognition meetings is meant to offer researchers a platform to discuss their research and results in an informal setting in which everything can be freely discussed. We welcome everyone. Both clinical/patient studies and fundamental research is discussed. Examples of topics are (multisensory) spatial perception, (spatial) memory, bodyperception, and other cognitive functions like executive functioning and attention. It is often very valuable to view each others’ work from different perspectives (clinical and fundamental). With this meeting we hope to reduce the distance between clinic and practice.

The Neuropsychology & Cognition meetings are held on Fridays from 11AM 12:30PM in room H0.12 of the Langeveldbuilding. For an overview of the upcoming meetings, see the schedule below.

Date Speaker Topic
9-3-17 ? ?
23-3-17 Jasper Fabius Remapping after stroke
20-4-17 Nathan van der Stoep ?
4-5-17 Tanja Nijboer
1-6-17 Carla Ruis ?
15-6-17 Joris Elshout ?